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Time flies so fast, the first module of the course finally comes to an end. During these eight weeks, in the research and communication class we have gained many new ideas of business models, research and analysis methods that we can uses in our career.

Still remember the first day…

(Source from internet) Journey Mapping

In lecture#7 of the module we discussed the methods and importance of Social Mining, Text Analytics & Customer Journey Mapping. It is obvious to see that the popularity of social media is expanding, by then more and more people are willing to share their commons on different media platforms. …

(Source from internet) Illustration of the oldcLee Tung Street

We have participated in a seminar hosted by our guest speaker this lesson — Angie Chung from Lee Tung Avenue Management Company Limited. She has introduced the brand revamp project of the Lee Tung Avenue(利東街) to us, including the process and touch point adaptations.

Lee Tung Street was one of…

(Source from internet) Customer vs Consumer

The lecture begins with defining the relationship between consumer behaviour and decision making, and clarifying the framework of consumer attitudes toward their behaviour.

By truly interpreting the difference between customer and consumer, we could always be conscious of who is the end user, who is purchasing and which group of…

Lecture 3 taught about the true meaning of what a BRAND means, deeply demonstrated how a brand could be built up completely and what elements are necessary for brand building.

(Source from internet) Definition of what composted the world B.R.A.N.D

Difference with normal product definition, a brand brings up a higher expectation level from the audience and stronger core value…

The first lecture of Research & Communication begins in the last week of May. Starting with the question of “What is communication?”, a relaxed learning atmosphere has boosted up in the classroom, also encouraging students to project their thoughts and voices effectively.

First half of the lecture proceeded in a…

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